Does anybody know if there are 12 gauge shotguns that use standard AR triggers that will work with FRT? Would be fun to try crazy recoil from that. I imagine bolt resetting the trigger would be the problem like with so many other non ar guns that have no standard full auto bolt.
There is a 410 upper for regular AR lowers.

There are 12 guage uppers for AR10s. Now that I think about it, I’m kind of wondering if the Fart 15 would work in an AR10?


The video confirms my original suspicion, that they just let the case die.

I think it's the right move personally. It's foolish to spend time and money on an approach with little chance of getting u to your goal.

Instead, it's better to cut your losses on that approach and immediately shift resources to another approach with a higher chance of success.

If a person or business has the mind set of "nothing is going to stop me", which they seem to have in this case, then any number of these obstacles are just obstacles that won't result in giving up or paralysis. It's more "we learned that won't work, so using that knowledge of how the system and opponent works, now let's try this".

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