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In genetics, Flp-FRT recombination is a site-directed recombination technology, increasingly used to manipulate an organism's DNA under controlled conditions in vivo. It is analogous to Cre-lox recombination but involves the recombination of sequences between short flippase recognition target (FRT) sites by the recombinase flippase (Flp) derived from the 2 µ plasmid of baker's yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae.
The 34bp minimal FRT site sequence has the sequence

5'GAAGTTCCTATTCtctagaaaGtATAGGAACTTC3'for which flippase (Flp) binds to both 13-bp 5'-GAAGTTCCTATTC-3' arms flanking the 8 bp spacer, i.e. the site-specific recombination (region of crossover) in reverse orientation. FRT-mediated cleavage occurs just ahead from the asymmetric 8bp core region (5'tctagaaa3') on the top strand and behind this sequence on the bottom strand. Several variant FRT sites exist, but recombination can usually occur only between two identical FRTs but generally not among non-identical ("heterospecific") FRTs.

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  1. jblake00

    FRT adding a semi auto mode

    This video is the only information I can find on it, as it's not listed on the Rarebreed site.
  2. gryghin

    National  ATF is going after FRT

    Didn't see this posted yet. "Biden Pulls a Trump Card – Rare Breed FRT-15 Trigger Now Classified as a Machine Gun" "The agency famous for once declaring a shoe string a machine gun has now targeted Florida-based company Rare Breed Triggers."...
  3. D

    Washington  Is the FRT-15 trigger legal in WA?

    Does anyone know if the new FRT-15 trigger by Rarebreed Triggers is legal in WA (for now)? Here’s their website for those of you who aren’t familiar: It’s a forced-reset trigger, which has the capacity to shoot faster than the average finger. It’s not a...
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