Army Ranger Shoots Buddy

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    I think someone didn't understand my question. It was regarding the rate of prosecutions.

    I didn't say he wasn't negligent.
    I didn't say he isn't guilty of a crime.
    I didn't say ND is not a crime.
    Hypothesis #1: ND and AD prosecution is on the rise?
    Hypothesis #2: Do people convicted of firearms misuse often receive suspended sentences or maybe lighter sentences, probation, etc?
    Proof: None
    Hard believable data: None
    Therefore, the reason I asked. What I didn't ask for was a lecture containing the full letter of applicable Washington law, ad nauseam, thank you very much.

    These people seem to be getting what they want. Not that people in some cases don't deserve prosecution.
    Why Americans Don't Treat Fatal Gun Negligence as a Crime

    How bout this?Gun accidents need serious handling and solid data

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