Are We a Nation of Wimps?

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    'In the immediate aftermath of Jared Lee Loughner’s heinous crime, without a shred of supporting evidence, the mainstream media and left-wing blogs immediately blamed right-wing rhetoric for inspiring the killer. When that didn’t pan out, these media mavens and political agitators switched gears. They focused their attention on the fact that Lougher purchased his Glock 19 legally and opened fire with a high-capacity magazine.

    The underlying media meme: no matter how you look at it, society is an un-indicted co-conspirator in the OK-I-guess-we-can-admit-it-now senseless slaughter. We should have done something to prevent Loughner’s rampage. Whether that means muzzling right wing rabble rousers of jailing high-capacity magazine owners for eleven years. Doesn’t matter. Something must be done!'
  2. Due to the exaggerated use of "witty" language, this is written very poorly.

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