AR15 and AR10 compatible parts kit

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    So I'm getting ready to build an AR 10 and a friend of mine told me that A.R. 15 lower parts kit will work on an AR 10 but I don't think that's correct. Can someone please help me with this, I want to make sure I get the proper parts for the correct gun.
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    there are a few parts that are different.

    Here we go, found a list:

    Here’s a general list of parts that are interchangeable on the AR-15/AR-10 platforms:

    • Buttstock assemblies
    • Triggers and trigger springs
    • Bolt catch roll pin (Armalite Style only)
    • Hammers and hammer springs
    • Pistol grips (a spacer may be needed for certain models)
    • Receiver extension
    • Disconnector and disconnector spring
    • Buffer detent
    • Magazine release buttons and springs
    • Safety selectors

    Here’s a comparison of some specific AR-15/AR-10 parts:

    • Rifle Buffers: Most rifle buffers on the AR-10 are shorter and heavier than the AR-15 to accommodate the longer .308 bolt carrier group and the force from a larger round. This means they cannot be interchanged. However, the buffer tubes are the same length, making them compatible with either rifle. It should be noted that the buffer tube for the Armalite style AR-10 collapsible stock carbine features a unique length and only works with this model.
    • Barrels: Because the AR-10 and AR-15 are chambered in two different calibers, the barrels are not interchangeable. The barrels threads and barrel nut extensions are also not interchangeable.
    • Handguards and rail systems: Because of the barrel nut size difference between the AR-10 and AR-15, the handguards and rail systems are not interchangeable.
    • Bolt catch: An AR-15 bolt catch is not compatible with most AR-10 lowers.
    • Lower parts kit: A standard lower parts kit for an AR-15 will normally not work with an AR-10. This is due to the differences in the takedown pin, bolt catch and other lower receiver pins.
    • Magazine catch: The magazine catch in the AR-10 features a unique design that makes it incompatible with the AR-15 or any other AR model.
    • Muzzle device: Since AR-10 and AR-15 are chambered in different calibers, most muzzle devices are not interchangeable, except if your AR-15 is chambered in 300 Blackout, then you might be able to use AR-10 muzzle devices.
    from here:What Parts Are Interchangeable Between AR-15 & AR-10? (
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    I am getting ready to build an AR10 as well.
    Sounds like for a parts kit I would order one specific to an AR10, but without the fire control group and pistol grip. So I can upgrade those.

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