A parts kit is a kit of firearm parts without the receiver. This is due to US gun laws that consider the receiver the "gun" part of the firearm and the part that is regulated. This is different from other countries where pressure bearing parts such as bolts, barrels, and gas pistons are the regulated parts. A receiver can be purchased or manufactured to complete the firearm.The National Firearms Act (NFA) restricts the possession of automatic firearms, so most parts kits end up used with a semi-automatic receiver. In addition, under US gun law, a receiver that is legally a machine gun cannot legally become semi-automatic. There is no federal restriction on the purchase and import of machine gun parts kits (minus the barrel), however.Parts kits are available for many firearms including the AR-15 and AKM variants.

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  1. S

    HK G3 builder recommendations

    I was wondering if anyone knows any good builders for an HK g3 parts kit. Licensed gun smith with a website I have parts kit from hkparts RCM barrel US made magazine RTG reciever flat US flash hider US EXTENDED HK21E STYLE COCKING HANDLE Picatinny Rail For HK Receivers HK21 RUBBER BUTTPAD HK21E...
  2. Hueco

    Glock Parts...who got 'em?

    So, I bought my wife a Glock 43 frame (Thanks @LuckySG !) for Xmas. She's stoked about getting to pick out parts ... mostly 'cause I'm footing the bill ;). But, when I search around for something like a lower parts kit, I find one at KM Tactical for $44 (GLOCK 43 Lower Parts Kit) ... but I also...
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