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    :DI have Ar15's and now a Ruger SR556 and Robinson XCR, I notice a vast difference in the action on the piston driven systems. Much smoother, less springy return, I could make up dozens of words to describe the feel of the action, but I wont. Its a better action IMO:eek:. I havent fired an ARX, Tavor, Msar, or Scar16, but am seriously considering a :rolleyes:Msar and :cool:Scar16. I cant get over all the polymer used in these (modern) rifles. I prefer the wood and metal of the AK47 over the plastic and aluminum feel of AR15's.

    I would like opinions:mad: of current or previous owners (Heck, even if you shot a friends) of ARX's, Scar16's , Msar's, Tavor's, any of these comparable to AR15 platform rifles. I have never been a huge fan of AR15's but the improvements to the gas systems have drawn my attention. o_O
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    Here's a New Vid that covers all the rifles you mentioned:

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