Oregon City found a gun safe in the middle of the street in Oregon City today.
They are waiting for whoever lost one to call. Said they have not opened it yet.
Think is has some valuables in it ???????
Strange report....
I'm just getting a vision of a gun safe being towed behind a pickup using a rope.

Found more on the story.

Police find intact gun safe in downtown Oregon City |

Missing a gun safe?

The Oregon City Police Department says they found an intact gun safe they believe may

contain valuables in the middle of the street at the intersection of Main Street and 15th Street at around noon on Saturday.

The Oregon City Police Department is asking anyone with information about the safe please contact the

Oregon City Tip Line: 503-496-1616. Reference case No. 13-4264.
Its mine, its mine!
I claim all legal contents inside. By that I mean firearms, magazines, ammunition, scopes/rails/parts/grips/stocks and all gold/silver.

In the event of any nefarious items.. Those may or not have been placed there after it fell off the back of my truck by some shady individual and are his and his alone.
The above mentioned are all mine. Please notify me when I can pick all that up.. Thanks.

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