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So I made the switch back to Verizon and ended up with an Android Smartphone. Holy cow....these things are wicked scary :s0131: Found a few cool free apps, just wondering who else has one and what their favorite apps are. So far, I found the following and like: (Description, Photo, QR code.)

Barcode Scanner.... (Must-have for fast download of app info online)

NOTE: Use Barcode Scanner to scan these QR codes and it will send you directly to the Market for that download :)

View attachment 195392

View attachment 195393

Lookout...Anti-virus for apps.... (I like to make my girlfriends phone "scream" when she least expects it!)

View attachment 195394

View attachment 195395

Ringdroid... (Funny how my Cricket phone had easier ways to save notifications and ringtones)

View attachment 195396

View attachment 195397

Save MMS... (Ridiculous you can't automatically save photo's from SMS messages)

View attachment 195398

View attachment 195399

Shotgun... (To bug the heck out of our Chihuahuas! Just chamber a round with your finger and "shoot" the phone at your target for a bang!!!)

View attachment 195400

View attachment 195401

OI File Manager... (Need I say more?)

View attachment 195402

View attachment 195403

Auto Mount...since plugging in your phone to PC unmounts SD card and hoses you....

View attachment 195404

View attachment 195405

TiKL - Touch to Talk... (Great walkie talkie app, great for families at large places they may separate for a bit...also for placing dinner orders LOL!)

View attachment 195406

View attachment 195408

Advanced Task Killer....Kill those apps running in background to keep your phone up to speed.

View attachment 195409

View attachment 195410

Lock... (In case kids get a hold of your phone they can't do a lot of damage...and can select which apps it locks!)

View attachment 195411

View attachment 195412

Floating Image.. (Just a cool way from the normal Gallery)

View attachment 195413

View attachment 195414

I have a few more cool one's but these are at the top. Looking for new cool apps!
So...what do you have and like?


I have the Droid X

I have Pandora Radio, Quick boot, Droid Light, Shoot me ( allows you to take screen shots) wireless teather. Iv had a few other ones but they slowed my phone way down so they got deleted
I've had a Droid X since July and love it. I highly recommend using for finding/managing your apps. Some others:

Use Google Navigation: find destination on your PC, then "star" it. Starred locations are then readily accessible on your phone.

JustPictures: my favorite app for showing off my grandkid pics

EasyReminder: to tell me when I've missed a call or have an unanswered text

Dropbox: for easily moving files from computer to phone

I have lots more but dinner's ready. :)
Map Droyd - Maps and navigation etc WITHOUT a cell signal or internet connection. You can download maps ahead of time and then simply use the GPS signal and Map Droyd from ANYWHERE. This is a must for me when out of cell service on motorcycle rides etc.

SMS Popup - Text message popups to preview messages etc.

Wheres my droid - Find it anytime. just text or email a "key word or phrase" to your cell phone number. It automatically turns the volume all the way up (even when turned silent or just vibrate), and rings your phone. You can also use the GPS phrase to have it reply via email or text with the GPS location of your phone. it turns on nGPS and gets its ocation, then sends it back. Quite handy.

Launcher Pro - change the home screens, totally customize your phone.

OCLF (One Click lag Fix) - Allows you to root/unroot your phone with one click. For anyone that wants to root their phone easily to use the full features of the following apps

The following apps require rooted device to utilize the best features:
Titanium Backup - backup all your apps/data etc. You can also use it to uninstall the bloatware the carrier puts on the phones (otherwise uninstallable apps).

Astro - VERY comprehensive file manager/explorer. With the Astro SMB plugin you can copy files wirelessly from your PC, etc. This allows you to browse ALL folders in your phone. A VERY good app!

History Eraser- allows you to erase all searc history: Market searches, browser, google, etc....

I could go on and on... Yep, I'm an Android geek :s0155:
I like Scanner Radio. It connects to live online feeds of local emercency services. Police, fire, ambulance.... when I hear a siren whirring through the area I can click the app and listen in on what is going down.

Remote VNC is another good one. It allows you to view and controll your desktop computer on your phone. Handy for viewing different files from anywhere around the house but requires some setup.
I like Scanner Radio. It connects to live online feeds of local emercency services. Police, fire, ambulance.... when I hear a siren whirring through the area I can click the app and listen in on what is going down.

Pretty cool, thanks!



I get my Android tablet this Friday, so excited, its like my HTC evo on roids
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