An idea to classify "Assault Weapons"

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    I had this idea with the possible ban of "Assault Weapons" and high capacity magazines. Is it possible to bring forth a case to SCOTUS that under federal law assault weapons are legal to own under the Well regulated militia clause and that the National Guard and Naval militia do not fill that role and therefore banning these firearms would be unconstitutional as the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed and our right to form a militia? Would be compromised as well. Also because the militia is required to have the same weapons as the military, that would also rule the ban unconstitutional? Im just throwing an idea out there to permanently rule our EBR's and "Assault Weapons" as constitutional as it would infringe upon our 2nd Amendment right, however each states constitution is another matter and as such states with bans in place already would possibly require a permit similar to a CPL and registration but the idea isnt half bad right? Just looking for feedback and how we could go about this or info on how this is a bad idea and why it wont work. :)

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