What are the chances she was aiming for his center mass, and how many of her five shots 'actually' connected with her target (hands or otherwise)? We know one hit the salon door!

Whatever happened, I'm glad that she is the hero in this and not the victim.

I still don't get this crazy notion that when confronted by the cops, you start shooting....that's just going to make them really angry and before you know it, you've got a whole posse chasing you down. That's a no win situation.
"Stunning marksmenship and cool under fire" she missed 4 out of the five shots. Amazing that all you have to do is do your job and you get promoted to detective, no wonder New York is so lousy at actually catching criminals.

If this was her "Service revolver" why were there only five rounds fired its not like shes carrying an old single action or a small snubby. I wonder how she gets to carry a sevice gun off duty, I thought they fround on that in New York? Sounds more like a way for Bloomburg to state what a fine job the police do in protecting the peasants that shouldnt have their own guns for defense.

Glad she wasnt hurt but they sure used it to tout the excellence of the police dept.

the idea is to neutralize your opponent. you aim for center-mass ,head ,body ,period. aiming for a small target that will not always turn out right is foolish.the threat is the person holding the gun, not the gun. it doesn't pull its own trigger.

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