Accidentally Kills Himself, Family Sues

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    "In her deposition testimony, McConologue reported that, at a family event held on February 23, 2002, Milot showed her two handguns and two loose cartridges ... [and] told her that he got them from Hughes’s house. She further testified that Milot told her that he found the key in Hughes’s house for the locked bedroom door, unlocked the door, and found the guns, ultimately taking them from Hughes’s home."

    Stupid Lawsuit: Man Steals Gun, Accidentally Kills Himself, Family Sues
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    This happened in Massachusetts? One could argue that the strict gun control in that state had a lot to do with this dummy accidently killing himself. He probably had never seen a gun in person before, and no doubt was never taught the rules of gun safety but rather the "see a gun - run" mentality. The family should be suing the con-control nuts for dumbing down the local populace regarding gun safety.

    It's a shame the guy killed himself, but I think Darwin was right.
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    "We conclude that public policy dictates that Milot's criminal conduct acts as a bar to recovery."

    Exactly how things should be.
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