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thumbs up.jpg Sticks & stones may break my bones.. Oops, I meant may cause irreparable bodily harm because the police have been de-funded and were unable to attend in a timely manner to protect the innocent citizens.
The local police dispatched their responding team member they had on hand at the time to quell the situation but the member was unable to arrive in time to diffuse the situation. The local police are looking at options to upgrade their response times but the delivery method was going to be hard to get past.

Defund the police and get stoned...

Is it just me? I watched this and it looked like a LOT of trying to make people feel bad for the SCUM who could not control himself so he started shooting people? I did not seem to see anyone feeling bad for the victims other than the scum who was stoned? Sorry but assuming this happened as reported? I feel the tax payers were saved a lot of money. If the moron would have been sent to prison for 20 years or so, at tax payer expense, he would have most likely gotten out in time to again be a drain. So sounds like some just took out the trash to me. Again this is assuming the story is how it really went down.



I have to say this is a new one on me. Snow flakes have long been made fun of. Us asking when they will want control for everything else. Well this may do it. Rock control :s0140:
Raising a little Cain, were they?
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