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    We hear all that time that "American's as a whole..." or "The majority of American's..." do not oppose background checks. Some of us will cry BS, and are correct, but those that believe it could be correct.

    What I think (IMHO) is that when people are asked this question they do not see what you and I know. Average Joe and Jane do not know that the make, model, and serial number goes onto the 'background check'. If people, or I guess I should say, "If the majority of American's" knew that these are not JUST a background check, but are ALSO registration of the firearm, then they, yes, the majority, would oppose them. (Again IMO)

    Some of us that enjoy and defend the second amendment see that the media likes words like "Assault Weapon" but we fail to see that they are manipulating even the polls with the question of a "Background Check". When people hear that they think, "Oh, the firearm purchaser, will have a criminal and mental health background check, and if they pass they can purchase the firearm. That is a good idea, so 'Yes' I support background checks" But they don't know or understand that each gun has to go on that background check, and therefor be registered to that purchaser.

    As a group I think we owe it to ourselves to make sure people understand what a "background check" as the media and Obama call it is different than what they, Average Joe & Jane, think. I clarify with everyone that asks me, that it is both background check and registration. Think about it, and if you feel the same way consider educating those that you talk to.
    Maybe we will get through to the same people that are starting to understand that an AR15, is no more lethal than a traditional semi-auto wood stock non-pistol grip hunting rifle.

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