WTS/WTT OR 72" Airplane propeller ( wall/barn hanger , mailbox post , ART ) $ 75.00 OBO

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    This is a 72" alum airplane propeller off a Cessna . This comes with no backstory .....we can just use the term " propeller strike " to explain current shape . With a bit of elbow grease One would be able to bend semi-flat , I started to and figured I'd leave it up to next owner . That said its a great wall-hanger or as used previous ( bury 1/3 in ground already has flat plate to attatch mail box )
    Asking $ 75.00 OBO with a trade interest in 5.56/223 steel-brass cased factory ammo. I would prefer an FTF in Molalla but willing to squeeze it into car for a motivated buyer .

    propeller 012.JPG

    propeller 013.JPG

    propeller 011.JPG

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