The HS2000 (Hrvatski Samokres (Croatian Pistol)), or XD (X-treme Duty) are a series of semi-automatic pistol that are polymer-framed and striker-fired. Manufactured in the city of Karlovac, Croatia by HS Produkt (formerly I.M. Metal), the Springfield Armory XD, XDM, or XD-S is the marketing name for the weapon, which is licensed and sold in the United States by Springfield Armory, Inc.

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    Conceal carry Springfield XD 9mm 5-inch, possible?

    Is it realistic to consider carrying this concealed? I just asked this morning if our church had a concealed carry policy or a "safety committee." Haven't heard back yet but my main thought now is whether this pistol is just too big to realistically carry indoors where you're not going to...
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