Washougal ( wah-SHOO-gəl) is a city in Clark County, Washington, United States. The population was 14,095 as of the 2010 Census.

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  1. tlfreek

    Camas Washougal Wildlife Club

    I thought I posted this earlier, but cannot find the thread - nevertheless anyone here know anything this club? I cannot find a website or any information on it. It's very close to my house and would make a great little place to shoot provided they have openings.
  2. MKB1988

    Odd ball .357 magnums

    I am looking to try a mare's leg and a chiappa rhino in. 357. If you have either in the Portland/Vancouver area, please let me know. I can provide my own ammo if needed.
  3. Lilhigbee

    Washougal American Legion Gun Show Saturday, Sept 8th

    Details not in the flyer; Biscuits and Gravy available for breakfast, Lunch will also be available. Only outside tables left, call for details, (360-835-7737 or 360-837-3312) Over two dozen tables reserved so far. All proceeds support the American Legion and their efforts to help vets. Hope to...
  4. PlayboyPenguin

    Public shooting land in Washougal area?

    Anyone know of any places to shoot on public land in the northern Washougal area? I am about to move out off the most northern section of Washougal River Rd and would love to find a spot to shoot outdoors. It is going to such being so far away from the ranges I am close to now and a good public...
  5. HK45Cobalt

    New Indoor Shooting Range Grand Opening!

    Hey All! Just wanted to get word out that the new indoor shooting range/retail, Safefire LLC was doing their grand opening on April 2nd! Link to the Facebook page for more information, there will be food, vendors, 50% off range time, ammo discounts, gun giveaways and more, so it should be a...
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