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  1. CountryGent

    Facilitating switchblade smiles?

    So, in the coming days I would like to order some switchblades. Why? Just because. And it is a really gonzo letter opener. In adulthood, I'm not really a knife guy, but would be interested where have you guys ordered your automatic knives? Many thanks.
  2. Barone20

    Switchblade help wanted

    I have what appears to be an older switchblade. I’m not much of a knife expert so I’m looking for anyone who might know a little more about it. From what I can find it’s a larger swinguard style. The blade says Milano. The handle scales are missing and I’m wondering if that’s something that can...
  3. 45alive

    Any Vintage Switchblade Knife Collectors Out There ?

    Anyone out there into old vintage Switchblade knives ? Pics and Stories are Welcome !
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