The Stippled studfish (Fundulus bifax) is a small freshwater fish which is endemic to the Tallapoosa River system in Georgia and Alabama, USA; and Sofkahatchee Creek (lower Coosa River system) in Alabama. It belongs to the genus Fundulus in the Fundulidae family of killifish and topminnows.

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  1. Safety1sk3y

    Stippled handgun frames...

    Tested out a couple different frames and models. What do you think? Glock 43 w/ extended mag Sig p320 basket weave Lonewolf glock 17 frame Glock 17 gen4 Glock 19 gen 3
  2. Medic!

    What does it cost in resale value to stipple a Glock?

    Those that have stippled then sold your Glock. How was the resale? What do you guys think about the look and function of stippling?
  3. Safety1sk3y

    Stippled Glock 43

    Alittle make over done...Enjoy!
  4. Safety1sk3y

    Stippled frame work: glock 43 & glock 17

    Fresh stipple job on a glock 43 re-stippled a gen 3 glock 17. Enjoy!!!!
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