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Sporting Clube de Portugal ComC MHIH OM (Portuguese pronunciation: [ˈspɔɾtĩɡ(ɨ) ˈkluβ(ɨ) ðɨ puɾtuˈɣaɫ]) (Euronext: SCP), or Sporting CP, is a sports club based in Lisbon, Portugal, that is best known for its football team. The club is usually referred to simply as Sporting in Portuguese-speaking countries, and it is often called Sporting Lisbon in other countries.
Founded on 1 July 1906, Sporting is one of the "Três Grandes" (Big Three) clubs in Portugal, along with rivals S.L. Benfica and FC Porto, that have never been relegated from the top flight of Portuguese football, Primeira Liga, since 1934. Sporting are nicknamed Leões (Lions) and Verde e Brancos (Green and Whites). The club's anthem, "A Marcha do Sporting" (Sporting's March), was written in 1955. As of August 2018, Sporting has 90,000 members, with around 50,000 being eligible to vote in the club's elections.Sporting are the third most decorated Portuguese football team, with a total of 48 trophies, including one international title, the 1963–64 European Cup Winners' Cup. Domestically, they have won 18 Primeira Liga titles, 16 Portuguese Cups (Taça de Portugal), 4 Championship of Portugal (a record tied with Porto), 1 Taça da Liga and 8 Portuguese Super Cup trophies. Internationally, Sporting are currently ranked 33rd in UEFA club rankings.

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  1. MackZay

    Feeling too cool 4 school

    3 cans bought today from my friends at sporting systems! Best people in the world, they always make me feel valued and take good care of me! If you’re in Vancouver/Portland area stop by they are top notch!
  2. nehalemguy

    Talk to me about Sporting Systems......

    ....NFA trust. Who has done one? E
  3. Sporting Systems

    1639 Legal Defense Fund

    1639 is headed to court and we're the lead plaintiff in the Federal Lawsuit filed by the Second Amendment Foundation and the NRA. SAF and the NRA are picking up the direct legal cost for the suit, however we are asked every day how people can donate so here's an option to support the legal...
Sporting Systems
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