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  1. H

    SHOT SHOW Chiappa PPC revolver.

    I visited the Chiappa Firearms booth at the 2020 Shot Show in Las Vegas. On display there was a six (6”) version of the Chiappa Rino in .357 mag. What was very interesting was the revolver was fitted with a full length Aristocrat 3 position sight. Evidently it was a revolver customized by a...
  2. Cerberus Group

    SHOT Show 2020

    Spent the last 3 days at SHOT show. Landed Sunday afternoon, and got back yesterday I've got a 1911 Armorer class to teach this weekend. Had a great time, made all the vendor contacts for both the training and ammo businesses. Had a little time to see a few things on the side...
  3. CountryGent

    SHOT Show Worth a Visit?

    So, I received a flyer today about the upcoming event in January 2020. It looks interesting. And it is Vegas, which a delightful epicenter of debaucherous adventures. Anyone been to one and is it worth it?
  4. CountryGent

    SHOT Show 2019: S333 Volleyfire

    Now this is a weird one. Double-tapping revolver.
  5. surevaliance

    2019 Shot Show...

    A little birdie told me that PMR-30 is gonna have lil brother soon.:s0023:
  6. rwadeg311

    New suppressors at shot show.

    All I'm seeing from shot show 2018 is all these new and established companies releasng a bunch of nice and new suppressors. My problem with this is nothing has changed about the process of how to obtain one. I can only speak for myself and most of my gun loving and shooting friends, that the...
  7. RicInOR

    10mm Ready to Party y/n?

    TAMARA KEEL: Back From The Dead And Ready To Party. “This year at SHOT Show, you couldn’t swing a Miami Classic shoulder holster without hitting a maker with a 10mm offering in their booth.” In case you are wondering - for all your Miami Vice LARP And pick up one of these Don't forget...
  8. clearconscience

    Shot show Bruggar and Thomet firearms

    B&T AG This place has some pretty interesting new firearms.
  9. clearconscience

    New Hudson H9 9mm from shot show

    This is an interesting pistol . A 9mm with the grip of a 1911 that supposedly creates more straight back recoil rather the flip. If glock and the 1911 had a love child
  10. bolus

    Finally, I was worried there was nothing cool at shot show

    The hand cranked, dual AR15 gatling gun thing... The Pa Deux
  11. Oathkeeper1775

    Shot Show a Gun Free Zone?

    An oddity or hypocrisy? A reliable acquaintance of mine recently returned from the Shot Show and told me that CHL holders we not allow to "carry" in the Shot Show...:s0002: I'm all for individual liberty, but find it remarkable that so-many hard-core, "to the death", "no surrogates needed"...
  12. L84Cabo

    Mike Rowe on Shot Show 2017

    Mike responds to a fan's disappointment over him attending Shot only Mike can do. The guy is awesome! Off The Wall: The SHOT Show is more than just guns
  13. Dave Workman


    On the ground in Las Vegas to cover the 2017 SHOT Show. If any of you are attending, stop by the Second Amendment Foundation booth, where I am headquartered. Be delighted to see you! Industry Upbeat as SHOT Show, Trump Inauguration Looms
  14. PDX

    Shot Show 2016

    Anyone going to Shot Show 2016? My fiancé and I will be there again and seeing if there is any other Locals going. Maybe catch a beer at one of the booths for a meet and great? Or see you at the range on range day? Cheers!
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