The Duncan Professional yo-yo was originally introduced in 1971 by Duncan. In 1974 it changed shape from the tournament shape to the Slimline shape. Since then it has been used as their primary advertising yo-yo up until recently. When Duncan Acquired Playmaxx it started using their ProYo for the bulk of its yo-yo advertising, all but discontinuing the Professional Slimline. There have been many versions of the Professional including the Superhero line, most of their advertising and even for the 1979 Duncan Yo-yo Olympics.

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    I also had an AKC slimline lever lock arrive today.

    The AKC (of Maniago Italy) 7.75" slimline lever lock also came in today's mail. This is a slender lever lock auto that has cocobolo scales, a 3.25" spear point (swedge point) .12" thick stainless steel blade and a 4.5" handle. The svelte knife is slender with a .60" handle. (It can virtually...
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