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MOS Food Services, Inc. (株式会社モスフードサービス, Kabushiki-kaisha Mosu Fūdo Sābisu), doing business as MOS Burger (モスバーガー, Mosu bāgā) (Japanese, "MOS" [mosɯ̥] or "Mountain Ocean Sun"), is a fast-food restaurant chain (fast-casual) that originated in Japan.
It is now the second-largest fast-food franchise in Japan after McDonald's Japan, and owns numerous overseas outlets over East Asia, including Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia, Australia, South Korea and, until 2005, Hawaii. It is also the name of the standard hamburger offered by the restaurant, being its first product when it opened in 1972.
Its headquarters are in the ThinkPark Tower in Ōsaki, Shinagawa, Tokyo. At one time its headquarters were in Shinjuku, Tokyo.
As of February 2014 the publicly traded company runs 1,730 MOS BURGER and several AEN, Chef's V and GREEN GRILL stores. One slogan used within its stores is "Japanese Fine Burger and Coffee".
In April 2011, MOS Burger opened its first store at Sunnybank Plaza, in Brisbane, Queensland Australia. As of May 2016, the company had six stores in Australia.

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