A powder measure is a device for dispensing consistent amounts of smokeless powder as charges for handloading cartridges used as small arms ammunition.

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  1. Squash_edc

    Charge master vs lock n load

    as the title states I’m looking to upgrade to an automatic powder dispenser for plinking ammo (I’d be using a trickier for precision loads.) what is better the Hornady lock n load auto charge or the RCBS charge master. Pros and cons for both?
  2. O

    Hollywood gun company micro meter powder measure

  3. Eveskcige28

    Hornady lnl ap powder measure issue

    So I recently bought a used lnl ap press from a member on here, and when I started loading 223 a few months back and have had this problem intermittently. If I use any sort of stick powder the powder measure seems to jam and it destroys the mouth of the case. Some throws go effortlessly other...
  4. gmerkt

    Used my RCBS powder measure with wrong hand for 34 years

    Okay, for a start, the industry calls these powder "measures" when actually they are powder meters. They don't measure anything, they meter our set amounts of powder. But we all know them loosely as measures. Got that out of the way. My main powder measure for 34 years has been an RCBS...
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