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  1. S

    Finally stepped up from the single stage press!

    Well, Ill still use it for some loading ... I put in some work last week and got some extra cash... I had to get myself a Christmas present too. Picked up the Lee Classic 4-hole Turret Press. Primer feeder and the Auto-Disk powder measure and an extra turret for about $180 with tax and...
  2. IRY

    MEC Marksman Single Stage Press

    Anyone have any experience with one yet? Looks like a good one. I am in the market for a new press and was thinking Forster until i saw this one. Video on You tube make it loos promising.
  3. Rumbler101

    Lee Challenger Breech Lock Single Stage Press

    This is a bran new "Lee Challenger Breech Lock Single Stage" asking price is $50 You can reach me at 503-951-8935, call or text me; I don't check my email that often.
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