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This is a list of feature films and pre 1910 short films produced or filmed in New Zealand, ordered by year of release.

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  1. Joe Link

    Announcement  Giphy integration for Supporting Members!

    Our Supporting Members really stepped up for our spring fundraiser, so I wanted to spend my Saturday morning doing something fun for you guys :) Supporting Members will find a new icon in the editor drop down list, allowing you to search for and insert gifs from Giphy directly from the site...
  2. Joe Link

    Announcement  Sharing Threads & Posts - Images now pulled from first post

    Most of you won't care about this, but for those of us who share our posts, threads, and (especially!) classifieds this is a big deal for getting more eyes on our posts elsewhere around the internet. Prior to today, when you shared a post, thread, or classified on social media (Facebook...
  3. Joe Link

    Announcement  Badge System

    @11Charlie mentioned in the Washington rally thread that members who attended should get a banner under their name, and I agree. It just so happens I've had something in the works pertaining to this, a new badge system. This system isn't quite ready but being as we're to the point where members...
  4. Joe Link

    Announcement  Your Classifieds Link

    It's back!! It wasn't easy but we got it figured out. I know how much everyone has missed this link in their account menu, so much so that I think it's return is worthy of it's own announcement :)
  5. Joe Link

    Announcement  Northwest Firearms Digest Customizable Email Newsletter

    The Northwest Firearms Digest is an auto-generated email newsletter custom tailored to the preferences of each member. Want to receive a list of new classified ads each day? It can do that. How about a list of the most popular threads only once a month? It can do that too. Options for the digest...
  6. Joe Link

    Announcement  Lazy Load Images

    This morning we installed an add-on which changes the way images are loaded in threads and conversations. Rather than loading all images when a page first loads, images now load once they're scrolled into view. This should save us some bandwidth, since we won't be loading images which people...
  7. Joe Link

    Announcement  Minor Classified Updates

    I spent today working on a couple features you guys have been requesting for a long time :) 1. Closed classified ads are now shaded on the New Posts page. I spent a couple hours trying to figure out how I might do this in the search results, but no luck yet. 2. Supporting Members now have...
  8. Joe Link

    Announcement  Northwest Firearms Review System

    WHAT IS THE REVIEW SYSTEM? The Northwest Firearms Review System was created to give Northwest gun owners a central resource for information on firearm-related businesses and organizations of Oregon, Washington, and Idaho. Our goal here is a resource which will provide all the information one...
  9. Joe Link

    Announcement  User Mention & Quote Emails

    I'm happy to announce our latest new feature, user mention (tag) and quote emails. From this point on you will receive an email when someone either mentions you in a thread or quotes one of your posts :) Those of you who wish to disable this feature can do so on the Contact Details page of your...
  10. Joe Link

    Announcement  Recent / Trending / Popular / New Threads Widget

    We've updated the Recent Threads sidebar widget to also include Trending and New threads for those of you using NWFA V3.1. This widget pulls threads from most of the firearm-related discussion sections. Recent Threads: Threads to which someone has recently replied. Trending Threads: Threads...
  11. Joe Link

    Announcement  Firearm-Related News Section

    We now have a separate section for firearm-related news stories and current events :) Firearm-Related News ( This rule will be updated to allow quoting a stories first couple of paragraphs and/or writing a paragraph about it...
  12. Joe Link

    Announcement  Diamond Supporter classified ad highlights

    Today we enabled a new feature which highlights Diamond Supporter classified ads on the classified ad list. Thanks again for your generous donations guys, enjoy!
  13. Joe Link

    Announcement  Full Message Text Email Notifications

    We've just implemented our latest feature for Gold, Platinum, and Diamond Supporters, full message text email notifications. With this feature members are sent a full copy of the post reply or conversation which triggered the notification email. This feature is enabled automatically and requires...
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