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  1. P7M13

    Anyone seen or heard from Medic!

    Haven't seen @Medic! around in quite a while. Anyone connected with him?
  2. F

    Free trauma medic training

  3. S

    US ww1 ww2 medic kit with flaming bomb

    I would like to possitively identify this . The ammo can has always been white and never been green. It has what looks to be a serial number on it . With a embossed round on the lid and the flaming bomb on both ends . It is full of old medical supplies some from the red cross in portland. With...
  4. bobdog308

    MEDIC and SNIPING.....

    I have 11 years of military expertise, training and real world experience in these fields. would somebody be willing to pay for my instruction? just curious.
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