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  1. Nosrac

    Washington  Gov. Jay Inslee Drops Governor’s 20 Program Because of NRA Affiliation

    Washington Gov. Jay Inslee Drops Governor's 20 Program Because of NRA Affiliation - The Truth About Guns
  2. Diamondback

    Starting to look into NRA Marksmanship and Instructor programs...

    I'm starting to look into the road to Distinguished Marksman, and was wondering what all training materials y'all who are already Marksmanship Program participants would suggest I try to snag from NRA, along with other useful tools from outside. Also, I have a few folks that have expressed an...
  3. ATCclears

    Getting a Correct (and useful!) Zero on Your Rifle

    Getting a Correct (and useful!) Zero on Your Rifle
  4. David Bowman

    Combat Pistol Marksmanship Course

    NWFA Members The good weather is coming and it is time to train. Very soon banners are going up for some upcoming training I am offering, but I wanted to introduce it here first. This year, I have one (and possibly more coming) Introductory Pistol Marksmanship class. The class will be held on...
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