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    The good weather is coming and it is time to train. Very soon banners are going up for some upcoming training I am offering, but I wanted to introduce it here first.

    This year, I have one (and possibly more coming) Introductory Pistol Marksmanship class. The class will be held on September 3rd and 4th, 2016 at the Douglas Ridge Rifle Club. We will get to enjoy the beautiful fall weather and get in some good foundation training as well.

    Firearms fundamentals are the building blocks of all shooting skills. Our introductory pistol course addresses the basic skills of safety, and covers how to draw, load, and handle malfunctions with modern self-loading firearms and other common problems encountered while using the handgun defensively. Our class is designed to prepare you for more advanced courses that we offer such as our Basic Defensive Pistol Course.

    We have designed a thorough and detailed course were we cover a lot of knowledge and skills in a short time. You will learn the skills necessary to be able to use a pistol in defensive situations requiring the use of lethal force to protect yourself. As part of our course, we will also be learning some required Point Shooting methods that will allow you to put rounds on target effectively and skills that will set you up for more advanced courses we offer.

    You will learn the components of various point shooting methods and integrate them into your existing skill sets.

    As this is an introductory course, no experience is needed to attend this class and the concepts and movements are especially suitable for beginning shooters.

    I offer a discount to NWFA members on this course. If you are interested, PM me for the coupon code to receive the discount. I have 8 spots left and with the weather getting better, they are going to fill up. Visit our website to book now:
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