M40 or M-40 may refer to:
In transportation:
M40 motorway, a motorway in England
M-40 (Michigan highway), a state highway in Michigan, US
Autopista de Circunvalación M-40, a motorway in Madrid, Spain
BMW M40, a 1987 automobile piston engine
Charomskiy M-40, an aircraft engine
Volvo M40 transmission, an automobile transmission
In science:
Messier 40 (M40), a double star in the constellation Ursa Major
the 40th Mersenne prime
In firearms and military equipment:
M40 Field Protective Mask, a United States military gas mask
M40 rifle, a sniper rifle
M40 Gun Motor Carriage, a United States self-propelled artillery vehicle
M40 recoilless rifle, an anti-tank gun
M/40 Automatic cannon, a Swedish heavy machine gun
Macchi M.40, a prototype 1920s Italian catapult-launched reconnaissance seaplane
The incorrect designation for the SSh-40, a Russian infantry helmet

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