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  1. Eveskcige28

    Hornady lnl ap powder measure issue

    So I recently bought a used lnl ap press from a member on here, and when I started loading 223 a few months back and have had this problem intermittently. If I use any sort of stick powder the powder measure seems to jam and it destroys the mouth of the case. Some throws go effortlessly other...
  2. JO JO

    dillon 550 or hornady lnl ap progressive

    dillon 550 or hornady lnl ap progressive , which one to choose ? just between these two presses and why you would pick one over the other
  3. C

    Hornady LnL AP damaging 223 cases

    Occasionally my press rolls in the mouth of my 223 cases when powder charging. I suspect that because I use stick powder, when the cutting forces are high the case actuated powder drop is pushing down on the mouth pretty hard, rolling in the mouth and dumping half the powder. Of course the...
  4. A

    Hornady LNL AP non-electric case feeder options?

    I have a Hornady LNL which I've just started to use. My one annoyance is having to both put the brass in by hand as well as the bullet. Right now the Hornady electric case feeder is a bit out of my budget and am just looking for something pretty basic. Even just a 2ft tube I have to manually...
  5. JSTUCK624

    Hornady LNL AP powder measure creeping up??

    hey guys just got my new hornady ap progressive up and running last night and I was loading some 300 blk subs and was checking my powder charge about every 20th round after I got the charge figured out. my target charge was 10.4 grains and over time it started to creep up to 10.7/10.8 has anyone...
  6. DirectDrive

    Red vs. Blue

    Hornady LNL AP (red) vs. Dillon XL650 (blue) These threads can devolve into a Red vs. Blue slugfest pitting fanboy against fanboy, but post #2 here, is by an individual that has owned BOTH presses. I think he makes some interesting points and mentions some press features/tendencies that a new...
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