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  1. teflon6string

    FEG P9R (Hi Power Clone)

    Let's face it, I'm old school. And while "all those new polymer guns" are super functional, they tend to leave me a bit cold. I've liked metal and wood for more than a few decades. So, for better or worse, I just bought an old FEG P9R for not too much. From my limited understanding, the P9R...
  2. AK0perator47

    Arsenal SLR 95 or FEG SA85M?

    I have to ask some other AK fanatics a question. But before I do please note that the SA85M I am referring to is a post-ban version not the pre-ban very sought after version. Which rifle would you want? Why that AKM? Are they really worth the money people are asking for them? Which one...
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