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  1. No_Regerts

    New to Me: Browning Hi Power MkIII

    What do you guys think? My Dad is a big fan of the Hi Power and I always kind of ignored them. Then I decided I should have one, just because my Dad enjoys them and I figured it was another thing we could enjoy together. I wanted a gun I could shoot and carry, so I went with a MkIII vs some...
  2. Erick

    Browning Hi power gunsmith

    Hi guys, so I'm in the Hillsboro / Forest Grove area and I recently added a Hi Power to my collection. I am in need of a gunsmith who can handle barrel fitting, and trigger and hammer install. I have to send the slide out for milling so I can add new sights, but if they can do that also it'll...
  3. RicInOR

    3d Printed Hi Power - Mag Dump Vid

    Not mine ... "The 3D-Printed Hi-Power frame has now hit 250 rounds on this frame (500 on the front rail block, 250 on the rear rail block). I've got new mags since the last testing (Mec-Gars) and they have greatly improved the reliability of the gun - no more failures to feed. "
  4. D

    Best handgun design?

    Just taking an informal poll. Best handgun design: 1911, Hi Power, Sig P226, Beretta 92 or Glock?
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