Corbon is the name of several communes in France:
Corbon, in the Calvados département
Corbon, in the Orne département
Cor-Bon/Glaser, an American manufacturer of small arms ammunition

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  1. Masterchamp05

    .400 corbon ammo

    Looking to see if anyone's interested in some Underwood .400 corbon ammo? I did a late night purchase and thought I was buying. 40 cal and got 2 boxes of the corbon and cannot send it back so I'm stuck with it. I'll have pics of needed or you can look it up Please let me know thanks
  2. arakboss

    400 corbon barrel install for 1911

    I am seriously considering buying a 400 corbon barrel for my budget ATI GI full size 1911. This is the model I have: Here is a link to the barrel: I will also need to purchase a link...
  3. Masterchamp05

    .400 corbon 45 ammo?

    Anyone have any interest in some Underwood.400 Corbin? Or does anyone know about this? I bought some by accident.
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