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Corbon is the name of several communes in France:
Corbon, in the Calvados département
Corbon, in the Orne département
Cor-Bon/Glaser, an American manufacturer of small arms ammunition

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  1. saville

    WTS WA  300 WSM ammo Fusion and Corbon Olympia

    Two full boxes of 300 WSM ammo. Federal Fusion Hunter 165 grain. Corbon Hunter 180 grain $30.00 each or both for $50.00. In the Olympia area 360-775-8199
  2. N

    WTS OR  400 Corbon 1911 setup

    Withdrawn - Putting up for auction
  3. Pops1911

    Whazzup with Corbon?!?!

    I have been wanting to try out some Corbon ammo. Read good things about it and decided I wanted to try some. Could not find any Corbon Powerball .45acp 165gr +P around my area. Drat! Had a good idea, I thought. I went to their website, checked stock availability and price. Pretty pics of the...
  4. SDR

    WTS OR  400 Corbon

    4 20 Round boxes. $65.00
  5. G

    WTS OR  400 Corbon 1911 barrel

    Drop in, Stainless steel full size 1911 barrel in 400 Corbon, barrel shoots great and accurate. Also have ammo to go with barrel. 9 rounds corbon 135gr jhp 20 roundss corbon 165gr jhp $100. In Bend, travel between Salem to Portland
  6. loucfir

    WTS WA  500 Rounds Corbon 45 ACP +P HP

    I have a brick of Corbon 45 ACP165gr.+P HP . Make sure your pistol will handle +P. These are one of the best! $375.00 Willing to travel some....
  7. G

    Looking for 400 corbon ammo

    I'm trying to see if any store in Oregon carries 400 corbon.
  8. Koda

    45acp chambering setback...

    brand new Hornandy 200g XTP, I only chamber it a couple times and am already seeing bullet setback. I know this can be an issue with 45 but never seen anything setback so quickly, many years old Corbon has been chambered 100's of times before retiring due to setback. Is this normal for...