Jakarta Server Pages (JSP; formerly JavaServer Pages) is a collection of technologies that helps software developers create dynamically generated web pages based on HTML, XML, SOAP, or other document types. Released in 1999 by Sun Microsystems, JSP is similar to PHP and ASP, but uses the Java programming language.
To deploy and run Jakarta Server Pages, a compatible web server with a servlet container, such as Apache Tomcat or Jetty, is required.

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  1. deadeye

    357 JSP ammo not a "great deal" why I posted here.

    Not a great price (hence why I didnt post in great deals section) but at least it's better than most I've been seeing.......... especially jacketed SP, especially for those that don't reload like I do. https://www.natchezss.com/pmc-bronze-handgun-ammunition-357-mag-158-gr-jsp-1471-fps-50-box.html
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