1. D

    WTT/WTS 9mm 115gr

    Got 1k rounds of brass 115gr 9mm available for trade/sale, your choice of Federal red box or CCI (Federal is in 50 round boxes, CCI is loose packed). Would prefer to trade 1:1 for brass case 5.56 or 7.62x39. Open to other trades as well (looking for my first AK, O/U shotgun and some decent...
  2. sagia308

    9MM SILVER Tip Winchester 115gr hp filled with Silcone water jugs Test

    wow i knew it wasnt very good with penatration but only 2 jugs what the ?
  3. Wrcrs24

    9mm cci 115gr 1000 rounds

    I have 1000 CCI FMJ 115gr I'm looking to get rid of. Box was opened for photo only.
  4. T

    For Sale: 800 rounds 9mm 115gr FMJ Remington $400

    9mm 115gr FMJ Remington ammunition 1000 rounds $500. UPC labels have been removed.
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