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  1. Flymph


    Well, this is mostly so I can gripe about how uncomfortable most sub compact single stack pistols feel to me. I don't have big hands, but the way the grip angle hits my hand just feels horrible. I don't get this with bigger pistols. Thus far the only subcompacts I can get a comfortable grip on...
  2. LuckySG

    Classified - Kel-Tec P11 -- A bargain carry pistol with great capacity

    Let's start off with why this pistol is not more expensive. The trigger is not great. DA/SA is a plus, but it is a long pull and a long reset. Can you overlook that for a carry gun? You can! Want a gun that does everything great and you will wear the barrel out at the range? Save up more...
  3. 11Charlie

    Pocket carry pistol

    On several occasions I have had the need for a small concealed pistol that I could carry in my pocket. For instance when I'm riding a motor cycle. I could then put it in my coat pocket. The trouble that I am running into is something that fits me and my big ol mitts I call hands.o_O If anyone...
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