AREX (Airport Railroad Express), spelled A'REX as a brand name, is a South Korean commuter rail line that links Incheon International Airport with Seoul Station via Gimpo International Airport. The section between the two airports opened on March 23, 2007, the extension to Seoul Station opened December 29, 2010. Korea Train Express high speed trains started to use the line from June 30, 2014 and discontinued in March 2018 due to low ridership.

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    Reviews/thoughts on Arex Delta

    I’ve been itching to buy a new handgun...and have been eyeing the Arex Delta for some time. Saw the YouTube reviews with MAC, Gunsngear and TFB and they were overall very positive. Thin (1.1”) and light (~19oz) with 15 round capacity. I’ve also thought about the 365XL. Similar specs with a...
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