"Bump, Bump, Bump" is a 2002 song by American boy band B2K, featuring P. Diddy, and taken from B2K's album Pandemonium!. It was written by R. Kelly and Varick Smith and produced by R. Kelly. It became B2K's first top 10 hit on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart, and reached number one for one week starting on February 1, 2003. The video was released in December 2002 and features the band and P. Diddy in colorful rooms with dancers.
The song is referenced in the 2005 film Guess Who.

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  1. B

    Oregon  Bump stock ban struck down!

    It’s being reported that the 5th circuit court of appeals just struck down the bump stock ban and they seem to have done it beautifully!
  2. Yarome

    National  5th District puts down Federal bump stock ban

    The 5th circuit has put down the federal bump stock ban as a violation of the government administrative procedural act. This could also be great news against the upcoming pistol brace rule...
  3. ilikegunspdx

    National  Case before Supreme Court - atf taking bump stocks with no compensation, will scotus take it?

    This one may have legs. Lower court apparently screwed it up plus it's a 5th amendment case. Typically with 2nd amendment cases the Supreme Court has not taken cases that deal with the details of firearms function etc (f.e. the other recent bump stock case they did not take). In contrast this...
  4. wired

    National  Bump stock ban upheld

  5. L

    Shoulder bump questions

    Hello, have a question about shoulder bumping, this is for my 6.5 cm. I bought new hornady brass, this brass band new and full sized, the shoulder is 1.580 ish. After shooting a few rounds to get my fire formed measurements, so I could bump the shoulder the recommended .001-.003. My fire formed...
  6. Joshston

    Unable to Bump or Edit ad

    I am unable to edit or bump my posting any ideas why?
  7. Koda

    How To Shoulder Bump

    Note: A standard die is 7/8-14 threads, so figuring out how much the die moves up and down by revolution is technically possible, thread tolerances notwithstanding. The problem is 2 fold..... 1) Is elevating the die directly proportional to the amount of shoulder bump you need? E.g.: if you...
  8. sagia308

    Ruger sr40 did it go full auto on two shots or bump fire?

    I think it was bumpfire because I do have a light trigger on it and the recoil the 40 is pretty strong but man that was really fast seem to have pretty good grouping too.lol
  9. C

    Bump Stocks! There back! Their legal. Wonder If we should have kept them

    Yeah! We get to have our bump stocks back! Federal appeals court rules against ATF bump stock ban | Just The News
  10. Mr Smith

    Other State  6th circuit court of appeals rules bump stocks not subject to ATF ban

    https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2021/mar/25/bump-stocks-not-machine-guns-and-not-subject-atf-b/ Has no effect on the northwest, but it does somewhat put the ATF in their place for clear overreach. To summarize: The ATF has no authority to alter criminal law. “it is not the role of the...
  11. arakboss

    National  Bump stocks legal again?

  12. rdb241

    "Big Bump Stock News"

  13. The Heretic

    National  Bump Stock Ban Voided – Will be Reheard in 10th Circuit Court

  14. The Heretic

    National  Trump's Bump Stock Ban Is Under Fire From His Own Judicial Appointees

  15. DB is Here

    National  Trump's Bump Stock Ban Is Under Fire From His Own Judicial Appointees

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