Cool video , thanks for sharing tac.
Baker Rifles also served in the Mexican Army....many are thought to have been used at the Battle of the Alamo.

A few years ago I got a chance to shoot one...albeit one that was bored out to a smoothbore ...that was a fun day.


I read that, too. A bit like giving gold-plated cutlery to a Chimpanzee, but there ya go. Note that Rob's Baker is one of the cheapo Indian-made replicas that has been modified to live-firing. He seem to do pretty well with it though, eh?
I noticed that as well ( 'bout the rifle in the video )
Most of the Indian made guns that I have seen or shot...worked well and shot , just fine.
What I like about them , is the hand made parts ( like the originals ) and many have period markings that you just can't get on other production replica guns.

My biggest issue is the use of teak for the stock...its tough work to get the teak to look like anything other than teak , even with staining and other re-workings....

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