Your Own 'Lowest on Hand' Reloading Supplies/Ammo Story

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    With regard to a previous thread the lowest I had ever been was right after BHO's first 'win'. If any of you remember it was ok at first but then stuff started disappearing off the shelves and by the time I took notice it seemed to be gone almost overnight. I was down to a few boxes of assorted pistol ammo, a few hundred primers, about a half a can of some kind of pistol powder, a few nearly empty cans of various rifle powders and that was about it. AND this all happened when I was getting back into centerfire shooting much more and simply got complacent, and quite frankly had never experienced reloading and ammo supplies virtually disappearing off the shelves to this degree before.
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    Hate me now. I don't think I have had less then 5-6 lbs of rifle powder and 2lbs of Pistol powder since the early 1990's and for the two years before Sandy Hook I had been spending 40.00 to 60.00 a pay check on building my supplies. Sure I will run out of some things but when I see it now I buy it. And as it is slowly getting better I will go back this summer to adding to the pile.

    Though I am reaching a level that a person might worry about safety LOL
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