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Thursday, Jul. 01, 2010
Kennewick man accused of firing pistol after party
By Paula Horton, Herald staff writer

A party at a Kennewick apartment ended with a bang early Wednesday after partygoers started leaving without helping the host clean up.

Donald Joseph Sbragia, 37, fired a gun into the air and pistol-whipped two people after confronting them as they were leaving his party, said Kennewick police Sgt. Ken Lattin.

Sbragia apparently held a party at his home at 1548 N. Edison St. and got upset when people started leaving without helping clean up, Lattin said.

It was not clear how many guests were at the party, but Sbragia confronted three of them in the parking lot as they were leaving, Lattin said.

Sbragia allegedly fired a shot in the air, pistol-whipped two of the guests on the back of the head, then pointed the gun at all three of them, Lattin said.

He was arrested and booked into the Benton County jail on suspicion of three counts of first-degree assault and being a felon in possession of a gun.

Original article: <broken link removed>
For a second there before they said the name I thought Bob Saget moved to Kennewick lol.
It's good to hear that he wasn't supposed to have it in the first place (that it wasn't a CPL holder) and now we got another crazy moron off the streets. I'm just glad he didn't hurt or kill anyone in his drunken rage.
We need to hire this guy to stake out Memaloose! See what he does to the dumb_sses who leave all that trash.

Yeah lets get a violent ex felon (Soon to be repeat felon?) and put a gun in his hand, then have him confront people who just got done practicing to shoot.

Great idea.
This incident was about 2 miles from where I live. Previously this year, at apartments a mile away, a woman fired shots into the air as suspected theives ran across an open lot.
Better than Pinko Seattle any time.


Pinko? That's a blast from the past. But I guess if you're going to get your political philosophy from the 1970s, you can't do much better than Archie Bunker as a role model. No one could make disparaging and uninformed categorical judgments about entire groups of people quite like Archie. I miss his simplicity of mind.

Anyway, regarding the original post: Idiot acted stupidly. No news here.
Well since we are talking about stupid, this is a little off topic but we are here talking about stupid people so I thought I bring this up.
Now that we are having nice summer days, on my days off when I walk around town to hit up stores or whatever.... if I feel like it I open carry..... and yes you get the looks and you get those stupid questions. I just don't understand what would make someone ask someone who is OCing...."is that a real gun?". I wasn't always into guns but when I saw someone open carry, I knew it was a real gun. I mean have these idiots ever seen a grown man carry a toy gun on him like it was a real gun? Anyways.... I mean don't people realize how dumb they sound when they don't think before they ask such a question? I was just wondering.
:s0113: This is so true. While camping on the 4th I was open carrying the entire time. I only had one person say anything about it, the conversation went like this,
Them: Is that a real gun?
Me: Yup
Them: Does it work?
Me: Yup
Them: Where are the bullets?
Me: In it (walks away)

Really? You think I'm carrying around a fake broken gun with no bullets? :s0155:

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