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Discussion in 'Northwest Hunting' started by LMT10mm, Jan 19, 2016.

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    Hi guys,

    It's taken years and significant change to consider a membership club, but does anyone have any insight for wilderness unlimited? There has been so much change in the recent years with respect to hunting, i.e. Outfits like Weyerhaeuser charging access fees, that I'm considering something like this. I hunt with the ol lady, and we love being out and hunting east. I did some searching on this forum, but the info was dated. Anyone have any insight/experience? I know people have mixed opinions, so all input is welcomed.
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    I cant speak for Wilderness Unlimited but if your concerned with "pay for play" hunting access such as Weyerhaeuser charging access fees, or perhaps the entire Eliot State forest for sale to private entities I would look into joining Backcountryhunters.org. I've been aware of them for about a year now and from what I've seen they are putting public lands at the forefront to stay public.
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