Who are you going to believe? Bill Gates or WACOPS?

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    Who are you going to believe? Bill Gates or Washington Council of Police and Sheriffs?

    Here’s what WACOPS says about I-594.

    -This measure is being billed as a public safety measure but we, as law enforcement officers, do not believe that this will keep guns out of the hands of criminals or the mentally ill. They will continue to ignore the law and engage in black market transactions.

    -The responsibility for enforcing this law – conducting background checks, investigating, and arresting citizens who do not comply – will fall on law enforcement diverting already scarce resources.

    -The restrictive compliance measures for transfers and loans of guns will cause law abiding citizens to unintentionally commit crimes and possibly be convicted of gross misdemeanors or Class C felonies.

    -There is debate as to whether this measure creates a gun registry. If it does not, the background checks are useless for enforcement. If it does, it is an infringement on the privacy rights of gun owners.

    Vote No On I-594

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    Bill who?
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    I think he's some guy that washes windows with a spray bottle and squeegee at lighted traffic intersections.
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