Whatcom County Sheriff - recovered firearms

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    … sharing this press article … :)

    BELLINGHAM — The Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office recently found a “job box” filled with firearms that deputies believe were stolen, and it released photos Friday in the hope the actual owners might want to claim them.

    The “job box,” normally used to hold tools, was found when deputies were responding to a domestic violence call in the 1100 block of Old Marine Drive in Bellingham on Feb. 19, the sheriff’s office said.

    Deputies took the firearms and they are being held for safe-keeping pending further investigation. Anyone with information is requested to contact detectives at 360-676-6650, reference case number 14A03306.

    Information may also be left on the confidential tip line at 360-715-7459 or toll free at 866-456-2157.

    Read more: Any of these look familiar? Sheriff?s office looking for owners of stolen firearms | Q13 FOX News
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    Maybe I am too skeptical, when I first read your post, I took it to mean that the Deputies had stolen the rifles, over time, and had stashed them. :wow:

    I hope all of them are returned to their rightful owners, or get sold to citizens (and not destroyed.)
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    I see at least 2 M1 carbines in that monstrously large photo from the news website.
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    So, they are not sure who legally owns them, but because they were stored in a box and there are so many of them they just naturally assume they are stolen and confiscate them?

    What happens when they come around to your house where you keep dozens of firearms in a "box" (a safe)?

    Either there is more to the story as to why they think they are stolen (such as the persons there were felons or otherwise not allowed to own firearms) or the person in possession of them acted suspiciously when queried about the firearms.

    Why did the sheriff go poking about in a job box when there on an unrelated matter?

    A lot of info is missing from this report and this is why you don't let LEOs on your property if at all possible - they just naturally go poking their noses into everything.
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    Understand what you are saying Heretic, but if they are stolen I am glad they have been recovered.

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