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Discussion in 'Outdoor Shooting Areas' started by eternalphoenix64, Feb 15, 2013.

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    Ok, maybe not the best place to make this post, but I think it would get the most useful responses here.

    Today while shooting at the Larch rock pit I came across a rather disturbing incident. For those that are unfamiliar with the site, it's a pseudo quarry with a rock wall to one side, two good-sized steep dirt mounds (aka, safe back stops), with the area between those two being of questionable safety as the Larch correctional facility is about a mile and a half out in that direction. The rock wall has been known to cause ricochets.

    So the situation..... This jack-wagon drives up in some POS ancient Buick (might have been a Caddy.... I didn't get a good look) and starts asking the other guys there if they had a problem with them using some real estate as well. They were informed of who was shooting where, asked not to fire into the rock wall, and invited to join.

    The first thing he does is start shooting his pistol into the rock wall. The other guys packed up immediately. I stuck around cause I was busy doing a rough-sighting on a new scope and needed a little more range than other places I knew of could give me and I wasn't up for searching for something new. When the other guys left he changed his backdrop to a dirt mound, so ok, whatever. Then I notice their safety habits..... When they "know" a gun is unloaded.... They didn't care where the muzzle points. plus, he was putting guns in the hand of his kid that were so big he had to help the poor kid operate them (12ga pump, MN, full size 9mm). This kid was MAYBE 9 or 10 and his arms were way too small to safely hold the gun in proper position, and his wrists were a little too weak for the recoil on the 9 and he almost dropped it, let alone it almost hit him in the face. Then when they were packing up to leave (and this is what really fried me).... The dip wad decides it's a great idea to turn his head away from where he's shooting to fire off his last magazine AND turns it sideways like some wannabe thug.....

    So I'm curious what the rest of the community would have done when presented with these situations.... Obviously the guy wasn't the biggest genius this world has to offer..... But would you have said something? Ignored it? Something else?
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    I hear ya Externalphoenix64. I was up a mile from the do not shoot sign, before the pit shooting at clays off the side of the road and some guy comes flying down the hill. He stops and gets out and takes a piss right next to my buddy and me. We are just standing there waiting for him to move so we can continue shooting. He and the passenger were totally drunk. As for what I did, checked the time and excused myself and left. It is a place were who ever can shoot, safe or not. There isnt any one to keep in check anyone. Unless you have a large group willing to back you up, I would say leave if you feel someone is being unsafe, or wait until they leave to continue. The sad truth is stupid people are everywhere and you have to deal with them or leave and not.

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