What is a really good FRS/GMRS radio?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by twoclones, Sep 25, 2011.

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    I like to use the FRS/GMRS walkie talkies when working in the back country and need to buy a new one. The set I bought at Costco {3 for $80} stopped working so I'm wanting a better product. It wouldn't do for me to switch to VHF because some of the guys I might work with all have FRS/GMRS.

    So, is there a high end version of these things?
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    I think it is a personal preference to "Brands".

    Me Personally, I like the Motorola radio's. I have had several sets of Motorola walkie-talkies and have had good success with them.

    My boy works for a local farmer, and they have Motorola's and midlands. He now understands why I have always chosen the Motorola brand. He said that the Motorola's get better reception than the midlands do, and the Motorola's have a less mile rating than that of the midlands. The motorola's are rated at 12 miles and the midlands at 36 miles. Go figure.

    Terrain has a lot to do with it yes, but when you have 2 guys with different radio's standing next to each other, and another guy try's calling on the radio, and the guy with the motorola can always hear, and the other radio doesn't pick up, (midland) then I think my money would stick with the motorola brand. This is MY Personal Opinion, and we all have different opinions....

    Stay Safe.
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    Motorola has always worked for me when I was younger and still have a couple. Now that I'm a Ham radio operator I just use my Kenwood portable for communcaiton.

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