Western Washington Deer Locations?

Discussion in 'Northwest Hunting' started by cbzdel, Sep 20, 2011.

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    I am not asking for your exact deer spot haha!

    My and a friend are looking at our first deer season with moden rifle. We both have all the needed gear and licensed and all that good stuff. I know wilderness survival anf first aid and taken classes on it, I am 100% sure we are set with the exception of one small item.

    The problem we are having now it where in the world do we go?? We are both from the Tacoma area, and I guess out main problem is how do we know where we can hunt? I was looking at the hunting gide at the game maps and it doesnt seem to tell us where we can actually go, unless I just cant read it. I just can not tell what areas are private property and what areas are public land.

    We dont mind trekking in a couple of miles, but we are just not where sure whats what. One guy told us to go to Vail, great where in Vail can we park there truck, and what direction do we start walking haha

    So this is our only hold back, can anyone shed some light?
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    He might not be asking where your exact deer spot is, but I will. Please PM me a map of the location, along with any trail cam pics of that elusive buck. Oh, and I would like GPS coordinates if you can provide those. :laugh:

    All kidding aside, I can't help much with hunting spots up North. I usually hunt deer in the West Klickitat and Washougal units. I have a couple spots I like, but they are getting crowded.
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    How about downtown Kent? Going to work the other morning, just north of 84th and Central on 167, there was a doe standing in the slow lane. I am glad it stayed there because I don't think a Harley at 70mph and a deer has a very good outcome.
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    First decide where you think you want to hunt. Then look at the BLM, USFS, USFWS sites and see if they have any maps. If they have them, and show public lands, you should be set. All you need to check is if it's legal to actually hunt that land. I'm not trying to overstate the obvious, but I've screwed up some boundaries before, and ended up on land I wasn't actually supposed to hunt on, but was only seperated from the legal land by an imaginary line. Private timber lands are usually open during hunting seasons, maybe not to vehicular traffic, but if you're willing to hump a ways, that restriction shouldn't be a problem for you. Wenatchee National Forest is a good place to hunt. But like anywhere else, if you think about going there, I'm sure someone else has too!

    A great reference and just a generally pretty cool forum:
    Hunting Washington Forum, Hunts, Photos, Videos, Classidieds
    The folks on there are GREAT! Give that a shot.
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    Well , Vail.
    When you start hearing the gun shots,go the other direction. I wouldn't go to vail for a sure deal.WAY too many people up there.
    Too many anywhere in Pierce or King counties.
    Or most of the west side during modern firearm.(the reason I bow hunt).And I would expect there will be a lot more this year,trying to get some freezer meat.
    But if you are wanting to hunt the west side,go farther west.Go out by the coast,or up here on the peninsula.But you'll want to go to the other side of Cresent lake.
    Actually the Coyle unit holds some deer.

    So if you hunt in Pierce King or Kitsap counties,probably Mason too,just wear all the bright colors you can and keep your head down.
    Oh and take a hand gun for those who may think you are on their deer.

    Good luck,be safe
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    Back when my brother was stationed at McChord, we did some hunting down around the Roy "Y".
    When we were growing up, we hunted near the town of Holly (south end of Hood Canal), around the christmas tree farms in Dewatto.
    I've hunted around Lake Cushman before, too.
    However, ever since The Tourists have decided to invade our (once) peaceful burg, I feel Western Washington is just too crowded to do any decent deer hunting anymore.
    My advice - head east, over the other side of the mountains.

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    Go to wholesale sports and buy a map of the unit you want to hunt in for $12.99. All the areas in red are huntable. If you want to have better success in western washington you need permission to hunt on priivate land or choose a walk in location. All the tree farm areas are full of tons of people trying to shoot something from a vehicle. Going behind closed gates that are open on foot means less people, and no trucks roaring past you. Hunting most of the popular areas will just aggrevate you. This is my opinion.
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