Voere (Austria) Cougar 30-06

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    I'm looking to take in on trade a Voere Cougar in 30-06. Any input on the quality, and desireability? I've never had any dealings with this brand. They book out real high but what is the real world value and are they a desirable piece? Not something I would want to keep. Thanx for any input.
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    From what I can find online, these are Mauser 98 type rifles. Most guys in forums seem to like them, a lot, light weight, accurate hunting rifle.

    Prices I could find run from $500 without scope to $1295 with scope, but on line prices always seem a bit higher than real world, IMHO....
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    I had a Voere American = it was light - too light in my mind. I like shooting 30-06 but this one made the 30-06 really kick in comparison to my other rifles chambered in that caliber. It was not a bad rifle but I found that it was too light for what I wanted. There are benefits to a little weight. I traded if off to the Gun Broker on old 82nd - got about 350$ for it I think - he put it up for 600$ and it was there for a long time on the shelf - it was gone last tiem I was there.

    James Ruby

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