If you are in the #1 lane and not ACTIVELY PASSING other vehicles, you have NO business being in the #1 lane and are an IDIOT.

Any contention that if you are going the maximum speed, then it's fine to stay in the left lane, is a straw-man argument. Speed is completely irrelevant. The statute says you must keep right except when does NOT say, "you can totally stay in the left lane if you happen to be going the maximum speed."

If you are in the left lane and NOT actively passing, you deserve a ticket...and God's angry wrath...And I wish a plague on ALL of your camels.

LOL....crowded/busy roadways and traffic jams are REAL.

Laws say a lot of things.

But whatever.......
The cops are the ones who pick and choose what they want to enforce (pick and choose). YEAH, Yeah, ain't and never was about life being FAIR.

Tell it to the Judge.

Aloha, Mark

PS......ever take much notice of, which lane the 18 wheeler trucks are using? LOL.

So then.....
The law about using the #1 lane for ONLY overtaking. Pffft.....
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Two words should have been spoken to her, "Your fired." Period. Someone with that level of cluelessness and arrogance and then lack of grey matter to understand that it might not be a good idea to place this on the internet, does not have what it takes to wear a uniform. No, you can't drive 90pmh just because you want, you have to have a specific, articulable, lawful reason for doing so. To hold those you are entrusted to protect with such contempt, and post it on the internet shows stunning lack of character and judgement. If someone wants to vent to their friends / partners in private I don't care what they say, we all need to vent. But to bring these thoughts out to the public is unforgivable.

But they won't because they a scraping for officers. As a comparison Officer Greg Anderson was fired from Seattle Port Police for his post saying he was not going to enforce draconian covid stay at home laws. Someone who did not just go with the, "I was just following orders," line and stood up to protect citizens. Fired. Evil rabid lady, one shift without pay. Seems fair. sarc/off

Coming at this from the perspective of someone who has either worn the uniform or trained officers for over 35 years now.
"I can go 90mph. You can't."

Sadly the Officer in this case was mostly wrong where she works. NOT that is suggest trying this but, all around here you can drive 90 and nothing happens. Police are told to wave and let you go as long as you do not hit anyone. A LOT of this is going on now. This is sadly what people said they wanted. Now the one big difference is if the common person is caught somehow they are of course in big trouble. I am starting to see a lot of drivers now going to and from work who have decided the speed limit is only a suggestion. As long as they do not plow into me I really do not care. Sadly a lot of them can not drive nearly as well as they think they can, or someone does something in front of them and they have a meeting. Often taking a few others to the meeting with them. 🤬

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